Fête des lumières

Fête des lumières
This year I had the pleasure to visit the light festival: Fête des lumières in Lyon. It is fantastic to experience how creative animators, musicians, actors, light designers and architects are able to transform the city into an enormous cinema stage. During the light festival millions of people meet in the streets of Lyon to celebrate the state-of-the-art creative lighting. Using both sound, light, video, fireworks and robots we experienced an architecture that became a live.

I hope politicians would be more visionary about the use of media lighting in the near future cities. It is obvious that creative people can make spectacular events and contribute to an enriched experience  of our cities. However in the global consensus of money making the agenda of creativity seems stripped from the whiteboard and the fast $ making people who shower our streets in dumb LED light. In the future I hope more people would understand the quality of public lighting and celebrate the creativity as they do in Lyon, where lighting has become a central part of the planning  strategy during the last 20 years. Smart city lighting should also be beautiful, creative and engage us as participants.


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