Esben Bala Skouboe
MSc.Eng. Architecture & Design. PhD

Short biography
Esben Bala Skouboe is an rewarded PhD. civil engineer in Architecture & Design from Aalborg University, Denmark. Esben has investigated a broad range of theoretical, conceptual as well as practical tools; such as responsive architectural lighting, adaptive art and the process of realising non-standard architectural forms, exemplified in the winning proposal for the pavilion project: Nora, displayed at the 10th Architectural Biennale in Venice 2006. Esben has developed a series of art projects and in summer 2014 he finalised his PhD. titled Responsive public lighting.

Esben is founder of the studio Electrotexture Lab. presenting experimental art and architectural work such a; Acoustic Pavilion, Red Pavilion, Danzer Light, and the project series Perceptual Ecologeis, all projects realised together with a network of artists, musicians, researchers, programmers and architects. Esbens work has been published at international conferences, in magazines and in book chapters. He has developed large international network in the field of architectural computation, among others to Professor Marc Burry from SIAL/RMIT in Melbourne, where his conducted part of the Phd. Studies.

As a professional Esben has consulted architectural offices in performative urban strategies, interior design and responsive architecture design. As clients is Philipe Beesley Architects, Adept, 3XN, Architect Nord, Utzon Center etc. The office has received funds from Akademiske Arkitekter, Det Obelske Familie fond, Statens kunstråd (The national council of Art), Færch Foundation and he has received rewards for best practice from: The Partness Architecture Foundation and Aalborg Cultural Council.


2007 – Head of Electrotexture Lab.
2015 – 2018 Head of MODOS
2015 – 2017 External lecturer at Lighting Design, AAU
2014 – 2014 PhD. Defense: Responsive Public Lighitng, Aalborg University
2012 – 2013 Guest researcher at RMIT/SIAL, Melbourne
2010 – 2014 Phd. at Architecture & Design, Aalborg University.
2009 – 2010 Head of curator group Platform 4, Aalborg
2007 – 2010 Research assistant at Architecture & Design, Aalborg University.
2001 – 2007 Student at the Department for Architecture & Design, Aalborg University

Selected studio activities
2018 – Lighting and system design for Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv, Denmark
2017 – Showroom lighting and mood system design, Kvadrat, Denmark
2015 – Recovery room, Randers Hospital, Denmark
2015 – Future Delivery Room at Hospital Vest, Denmark
2013 – Concepts for Responsive Lighting prototypes on UnoX new petrol stations.
2013 – Consultancy for Gemmo during the presentation for Copenhagen Lighting, Italy.
2011 – Responsive Kubé, Frederiksberg Counsil, Culture night Copenhagen
2011 – Acoustic Pavilion, Aalborg Harbor Front, Culture Night Aalborg
2010 – Danzer Light responsive light installation in collaboration with GXN, at display on Danish Architecture Center (DAC).
2010 – Aalborg City model, Displayed at the Utzon Center, Aalborg.
2010 – Red Pavilion, Realizing Computational form, Aalborg Harbor Front, Culture Night Aalborg
2009 – Installation setup: Saragasso Field by Philip Beesley & Mette Ramsgaard, Brussel
2009 – Presentation of alternative innovation with Aalborg Municipality, IKEA and Gabriel
2009 – Urban experiment; Silo3, a 40×10 m responsive light installation, published in Mental bymodning, Metopos.
2008 – Design of Interactive Street Lighting, Amagerbrogade, Copenhagen Municipality
2008 – Pecha Kucha presentation: Copenhagen and Kolding
2008 – Modulectra lounge: Selected project at the art house Platfom 4, Aalborg
2008 – Concept proposal for Performative environment at Amagerbrogade, Copenhagen
2007 – Carlsberg competition: Our city.
2007 – Founding of Electrotexture Lab.

Selected academic activities
2015 – Book chapter: Perceptual Ecologies, World Making as Techné
2015 – Paper: Experiment in alternative design strategy for smart city, IASS2015, Future Visions, Amsterdam
2015 – Paper: Thermal Imaging Systems for Real-Time Applications in Smart Cities, International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology. ISSN: 0952-8091
2014 – Paper: Fremtidens Fødestuer, Lys, Denmark.
2013 – Paper: Responsive Urban Lighting: The city becomes “alive”. ACM, Mobile HCI, Munich
2013 – Reviewer for Conference: Interactive City Lighting, Paris
2013 – Paper: Responsive City Lighting: Perspectives From Architecture & the Public Lighting
Industry. Interactive City Lighting, Paris.
2012 – Paper presentation: Controlling Urban Lighting by Human Motion Patterns results from a full
Scale Experiment, ACM Multimedia, Nara, Japan
2012 – Paper presentation Reactive Light Design in the ‘laboratory of the street’, acadia 2012, San
2012 – Project leader and the research project: Effektlys, Dansk Lys, Aalborg University.
2011 – Presentation of article at Ambient Intelligence Conference, Amsterdam
2011 – Workshop and conference activity at Smart Geometry 2011, Copenhagen
2011 – Performative Architectural Stages, Red Pavilion, Urban Design Book 2010
2010 – Paper: Environmental Feedback and Spatial Conditioning, Acadia2010
2010 – Leader of the Research project Effekt Lys, Dansk Lys.
2010 – Paper: Environmental Feedback and Spatial Conditioning, Acadia2010
2010 – Paper: Shape Control of Responsive Building Envelopes, IASS2010, China
2009 – Presentation of article: Performative Urbanism, conference: Architecture and Stages Of the Experience City, Aalborg
2009 – Presentation of article: Environmental Awareness through Performative Urban Media, Conference: Joint Actions on Climate Change, Copenhagen
2009 – Conference: Shape to manufacturing III, London
2008 – Conference: Dive 2008, Ljubljana
2006 – Start-up of thesis project: The sound of Aalborg
2006 – Presentation at Light Vision Conference, Frederikshavn
2006 – Workshop participation: Light vision, Frederikshavn
2006 – Conference: Student visitor at Game Set and Match II, Delft
2005 – Conference, Days of light, Copenhagen 2005 – Exhibition concept for Aalborg Marine Museum
2005 – Conference:”Experience design”, Aalborg

Teaching & supervision 2007 – 2010
2015 – 2017 External lecturer at Lighting Design, AAU
2007 – 2013 Teaching and supervision in advanced digital modeling and interactive
environments at 3. -10 semester, at Institute for Architecture and Design at Aalborg University, Denmark
2007 – 2012 – Form and Flow: 3. semester at Architecture and Design, Aalborg University. In collaboration with Prof. Tim Richardson & Prof. Ole B. Jensen & Shiftcontrol
2010 – Environmental Response, interdisciplinary workshop with CITA, Århus Architecture School, Medialogy and Architecture & Design.
2009 – Workshop and exhibition: Joint waste in collaboration with MAPT, Culture night in Aalborg
2008 – 2009 Teaching and supervision on Art & Technology.
2008 – 2009 – Social Technologies workshop at Architecture, Design and Medie Technology.
2008 – Mediamorphosis, Architecture and Design Culture Night
2007 – Interactive light and sound design workshop at Aalborg University:

Art exhibitions:
2014 – Media Architectural Growth at Media Biennale 2014, Denmark
2013 – Perceptual Ecologies KLIK, Aalborg Town hall , Musik idé, DK.
2010 – Perceptual Ecologies SYMPHONY, Platform 4, Musik idé, DK.
2010 – Perceptual Ecologies MINE, Thingbæk Limestone mine, PORT2010. (
2009 – SILO3, Responsive light façade, Aalborg, DK
2009 – Candela Morph, displayed at Smart home Conference, Vejle, DK 2008 – Situation P, Exhibition of student projects: Displayed at the Old State prison in Horsens. San Servolo, Venice.
2006 – forma(k)tion, Art exhibition, Aalborg art pavilion

Rewards and grants 

2014 – Price for most active international artist in Aalborg region: “Aalborgs Bedste 2014, Aalborg Denmark
2013 – Packness foundation´s Architecture price-

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