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Parceptual Ecologies Mine is a site-specific interactive art installation, displayed as part of the international art festival Port20:10. The conceptual framework was developed by Christian Skjødt, Dan Overholt and me and display a study of how  mediated environment can mobilize groups beyond the border of friendship and encourage visitors to act as a collective within responsive soundscapes. Each “agent” is a sensible instrument, triggered by motion in its near context . When disturbed the agent sends messages to its neighbors causing waves of silence to travel through the corridors of the mine. If participants can decode the behavioral codex of the agents, they will build up more playful behaviors causing collaborative global patterns to emerge in the system. In the beginning any disturbance would “scare” the agents and destroy the composition, however as the time goes the sensitivity change and the installation becomes open for engagement and play, under certain rules. If the occupants decoded the behavioral codex in the exhibition space  the art installation would build up to the ‘grand finale’.

The art installation was exhibited from October 15, 2010 – January 15, 2011. in  Tingbæk limestone mines, Denmark

Christian Skjødt
Dan Overholt
Mads Brath
Tobias Thyrrestrup
Lars Knudsen
Thomas Wiesbæk
Published: Book chapter (forth coming)


Perceptual Ecologies: Mine

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