MAG 2015 from Esben B. Skouboe on Vimeo.

Experiment in alternative evolutionary design strategy for smart city design
with Jens Petersen and Jeffrey Serio

This project was a further development of the classic experiment block world by Nicholas Wegroponte. The project used movement patterns from a gerbil colony as a medium to track occupancy, while participants in the exhibition could use a smart phone to suggest and vote for new programs to be installed into the model. The model then successfully combined 3d scanning with a simulation that would selforganize into new optimized paths infrastructures, suggesting new voids for the next placement of interventions, which again would alter the occupancy patterns and behaviors of the gerbils – this would make an experimental adaptive “home” for the gerbils that would be build according to their us and the ideas and dreams form the spectators.

Besides being exhibited at Media Architecture Bienale, it was also presented at the 2015 IASS conference in Amsterdam.

Media Architectural Growth

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