Food Theater and Conference
Food Theater and Conference

To craft the right atmosphare at the right time is important when you work with food on the higest level!

I helped the Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv to turn their show kitchen into a mood instrument, that enabled the chefs to change the mood during cooking and presentation of their food. The system also included a state-of-the-art conference system and the ability to record 360-degree video so, spectators could follow the presentation in Virtual Reality.

The system allowed the user to easily select the mood for the event. 4 largescale video projections displayed the correlated video and the lighting calibrated its et 5 different light sources to optimize the color in the specific food. Except for the regular lighting the system had light sources with calibrated color temperature, optimizing the rendering of colors in the meat, fish, vegetables, and bread.

The food theater is now used as a part of the daily work at the Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv.

Food Theater and Conference

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