klik day:night from Esben B. Skouboe on Vimeo.

Perceptual Ecologies Klik, is a public art installation staging interactive percussive computations in relation to peoples behaviors and everyday life.

It is clear that interactive art has the ability to add a mystic musical and social component to the public space. People wonder how it works, why it “do” this and that and in the best cases the exploration craft micro social relations between people, outside the relation of friendship and family. The artwork Perceptual Ecologies: Klik had 5 levels interactive composition, that would gradually build up, if the participants understood its rules, not “scharing” the colony of illuminating Klick instruments that were gently moving in the wind.

The work is a collaboration by Christian Skjødt and me, and was displayed at the Central Library of Aalborg, April 12th – May 20th 2013, Denmark.
The peace was supported by Det Obelske Familiefond, MusikIde.


Perceptial Ecologies: Klik.

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