Perceptual Ecologies Symphony from Esben B. Skouboe on Vimeo.


Perceptual Ecology: Symphony is a interactive art installation with 15 balloons in various sizes from 8 – 1,5 meter in diameter. The fragile balloons was illuminated by a halogen and a music-coil turned the membrane of the balloon into a hanging loudspeaker. The Balloon was sensitive to touch and if it was touched too hard or aggressive the users would destroy the composition build-up. As a secondary “creature” the installation introduced the  percussive Klik creature. The installation was part of a series of art installations called  Perceptual Ecologies  initiated by Christian Skjødt and Esben B. Skouboe

Supported by Det Obelske Familiefond, MusikId

Perceptual Ecologies: Symphony

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