I believe that design, art, and architecture are closely related to the currently understand of the world as a whole and the techniques and technologies available. Therefore I find great reward working in the experimental hinterlands between art, technology, and architecture. Part of this work is producing knowledge by reading and writing – sharing experiences and building up the foundation of a new craft a new techne.

My work has been published in international magazines, books, and conferences. link

I am especially proud to have a place in the lineup in the book:

Worldmaking as Techné: Participatory Art, Music, and Architecture
(, an anthology edited by Mark-David Hosale, Sana Murrani-Cooke, and Alberto de Campo, with a Foreword by Roy Ascott
Contributors: Sofian Audry, Philip Beesley, Laura Beloff Peter Blasser, James Coupe, Alberto de Campo, Heinz von Foerster, Felix Guattari, Mark-David Hosale, Kathrine Elizabeth L. Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena Johansson Sang Lee, Sana Murrani-Cooke, Dan Overholtt, Andrew Pickering, Esben Bala Skouboe, Chris Salter, Nicolas Schöffer, Edward Edward A. Shanken, Graham Wakefield


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